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The Need

Existing government funded programs have specific contractual requirements that do not always meet the needs of the veteran. Most of these contracts do not require 24/7 availability. And many require a process that takes time and have administrative processes that delay the ability to provide the needed services. MVN, taking no government funds, does not have the administrative requirements of other organizations and provides the services after an initial review of the need and usually meets the need quickly and efficiently. As many of the MVN members are the organizations that have the government funding, MVN is in a position to connect the veteran with the appropriate agency that can meet the long-term need.


Most of these services were provided during weekends, holidays, and when no other agency or funding source was available.


We operate only on donated money and non-government grants. There are no paid employees. All donations are tax deductible. Checks are payable to ‘MVN’; send to: 62 Pegasus Street, Suite 101, Brunswick, ME 04011

501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Corporation – EIN:85-1933651